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I’m Drinking Free Starbucks Right Now

So, one of the sweetest things my husband does for me is he occasionally kicks me out of the house. In a loving way. But he knows when I start getting stir-crazy, and he takes care of dinner while I walk around a store without the kids, or go get coffee and write, or go get coffee and people watch, or go get coffee and stare into the abyss without any children touching me or asking me the hardest why questions I’ve ever heard. There’s a big difference between questions like “why is the sky blue?” And “why is everyone on tv so angry?” And “I hurt my bottom. Why won’t you kiss it better?” And while I was totally prepared for the science questions, nothing could have prepared me for the questions about politics, her body, and everything in between. 

As an introvert, I know I need time to myself, but I’m often really bad about giving myself that time. So sometimes Dustin kicks me out of the house. Because he loves me.

Anyway, so I’m all about crazy ways to save/earn money, and usually I spend it on sensible things. But I’ve recently decided that it’s okay for me to sometimes use this extra money for something silly for me. One of my favorite ways to earn extra is using shopkick on my phone. I walk in a store, go scan a few items, and easily earn about $10 a month. I earn more than enough for me to go treat myself to coffee a few times a month. You can link your debit/credit card to the app if you want to earn even more (but I haven’t done it yet! Don’t tell!). And because I also have the Starbucks app, I also earn “stars” when I use it to buy myself a treat, and after a certain number of stars, I get a free beverage. But I also got a free drink just for Valentine’s Day because I had the app and money on my giftcard, which is how I happen to be sitting here drinking a “free” coffee, that I earned from a free giftcard, that I earned from walking around stores I already go to. 

If you’re interested in earning free gift cards just from walking around Target, Walmart, and other places you probably already go to, download the shopkick app here (it’s an affiliate link, which this time means the app gives us BOTH a small reward when you use it, but  I only share stuff I really use and love on my site. Using my affiliate link means you help keep us both caffeinated!)